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Summer Shirts for Summer Sun


It’s getting warm out there. Beat the heat in style this summer with custom tailored dress shirts that will leave you looking and feeling like a million bucks. But how? And where would one find such shirts? Right here! We’ve put together 5 summer shirts perfect for dealing with intense summer sun!

Grey Based Multi-Stripe

The Grey Based Multi-Stripe Shirt Fabric dress shirt fabric is style and function rolled into one easy to wear warm weather cloth. It’s a lightweight construction that breathes easy and promotes good airflow for those stifling days. The thin blue, white, and yellow stripe pattern turns Grey Based Multi-Stripe into a versatile piece that can go with just about anything in your wardrobe. Casual and work attire will benefit greatly from adding it into the mix.

Blue and White Glen Plaid

Dress for warm weather without worry. This Blue and White Glen Plaid fabric is lightweight, breathable, and perfect for doing exactly that. It promotes airflow to keep you feeling cool all day long and presents as a silky-smooth fabric that won’t bunch or pool around the middle. Look as good as Blue and White Glen Plaid feels to wear by customizing it to fit any desired style.

White on White Stripe

Embrace hot days without breaking a sweat. This White on White Stipe dress shirt fabric can help. It’s a lightweight rendition of classic white dress shirts with one caveat: it breathes well and promotes great airflow. Warm weather won’t be a problem when White on White Stripe is used to greet it. Design it to be a casual or formal piece. It will not disappoint.

Quick Dry Brown Gingham Check

If you’re looking for a performance dress shirt with a side of style, then look no further. This Quick Dry Brown Gingham Check is constructed using a super durable oxford weave that also implements Cool Max airflow technology. Add the attractive gingham check pattern and you’ve got a fully functional, versatile shirt that breathes easily in warm weather. Design Quick Dry Brown Gingham Check with short-sleeves and a breast pocket for casual pairings or give it long-sleeves and a point collar for more formal situations.

Etched in Pink Linen

The Etched in Pink Linen fabric is what happens when comfort meets shirt appeal. It’s constructed using lightweight pink and white threads woven together in such a way that results in a vibrantly smoky etching effect. Etched in Pink Linen is easy to wear, ultra-breathable, and perfect for warm weather activities.


At Original Stitch we offer a fully customizable collection of premium quality dress shirt, suit blazer, and pant fabrics. Use them to create a wardrobe that is completely unique to YOU. Our high-quality yarns are hand-selected from – and tailored in – Japan to be extra resistant to wear and tear while maintaining a softer feel than their off-the-rack counterparts.