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Tiger King Joe Exotic Shirt

This Custom Menswear Brand Created Tiger King Inspired Shirts


Joe Exotic, the star of Netflix phenomenon Tiger King, combines giant cats, wild outfits, and truckloads of bravado into one bleach blonde mullet sporting persona. That's his style, his way. Since the public’s fascination with the show, recreating Joe’s signature look for memes and Tik Tok videos has become a noticeable trend on everyones’ social feeds.

For your next Tiger King inspired dinner party or zoom happy hour, check out our exclusive collection of Kimono Cloth™, especially our customer-favorite Green Tora Tiger print above. The 100% cotton fabric is woven and printed in Japan, featuring gold accents that pop against the muted greens, blacks, grays and oranges of a tiger on the hunt.

Tiger King Inspired Outfit

As a custom shirting company, Original Stitch enables and encourages every customer to combine our hundreds of fabrics and dozens of different features into a personally perfect shirt. From styles like Hawaiian casual to French cuff formal, we have customization for everyone’s (life)style. That’s your style, your way.

So, how do you get your Tiger King groove on with the Original Stitch Shirt Builder? Are you an all-over print kind of person? Or would you hide the tigers inside your collar or under your cuffs, only bringing the big cats out for happy hour with your sleeves rolled up?

Check out our Green Tora tiger print, other Kimono Cloth™ options, or check out what other users have created recently and design your personally perfect shirt today at Original Stitch.

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May 05, 2020 by Marina Carroll
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