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How To Fold A Dress Shirt For Travel

Travel is inevitable. Arriving at your destination with a bag full of wrinkled dress shirts is not. The savvy packer knows that space is everything, so make use of every inch with a method of folding made to capitalize. Men’s dress shirts are the biggest culprits of this. They’re either folded too broadly or rolled up to save space. Either way, they’re wrinkled in the process. Cut down on unwanted creases by following this easy, how to fold a dress shirt for travel guide.

Start by laying your dress shirt out button side up. Button the shirt from top to bottom and then flip it over. Spread the shirt flat with the arms at about a 45-degree angle.

Take one sleeve and fold it over in a slight diagonal. If you start with the left sleeve, then its cuff should end up just below the right armpit. Take that same sleeve and fold it up at roughly the elbow. The cuff should now sit flush with the top of the collar.

Repeat the same steps with the opposite sleeve, although this time you want the current sleeve to sit on top of the previous one.

Now, carefully fold the shirt into thirds. Start by grabbing one side and folding the entire thing over the folded arm. Do the same for the opposite side, letting this new fold rest on top of the old. You should have an overlap that creates a straight log shape that is as wide as the collar itself.

As folding men’s dress shirts go, you’re in the home stretch now.

Just fold the bottom half of the shirt about a third of the way up. Do a second fold in the same way, stopping just under the base of the collar. Flip the whole thing over and voila. That’s how you fold a dress shirt for travel.

Use this method as a means of storing your shirts when hanging them isn’t an option. It’s the same basic technique that many department stores use to minimize wrinkles on their men’s dress shirts displays. Granted they weren’t planning on teaching us how to fold a dress shirt for travel, but the process works. If for any reason you find yourself in a packing pinch and need to iron out the error of your ways, check out our handy guide to ironing your dress shirts here. (link to How to Iron a Dress Shirt goes here.)