5 Shirt Collars You Never Knew Existed

The most significant drawback of men’s fashion is the expectation. A collared shirt, dress slacks, and a jacket — there is very little room to deviate from this standard when it comes to men’s attire. Standing out in a sea of button-down shirts can be incredibly challenging, especially when you’re buying from the same department stores and mass-market websites as everyone else.

The key to looking more dapper than the blokes around you is the details.

A custom pocket.

A unique button.

And of course, a stylish collar.

The tried-and-true go-to collar in American fashion is the forward point collar, or as we refer to it, the regular collar. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a solid forward point. It gets the job done while conveying a style that is clean and classic. It’s the perfect choice for a traditionalist.

But if you’re looking for something a little bolder, something that will catch the eye, here are five collar styles you should consider.

The cutaway collar is a strong choice that shows a clear interest in men’s fashion while giving off an air of rakish masculinity. It is much less common than regular and button-down collars, so it will certainly stand out in a crowd. This collar can work well with both patterned and solid fabrics, and it can be dressed up or dressed down. It looks best buttoned to the top with a wide, double Windsor-knotted tie.

Also sometimes referred to as a band collar, a Mandarin collar, or a Nehru collar, this style is distinguished by a lack of collar. Instead, a simple band of fabric stands up around the neck, creating a sharp, casual look that works well for evenings out and daytime events like weddings and weekend lunches. Stand collar shirts show that the man is a forward thinker who cares about sophistication but not necessarily about excessive formality. Trying to dress this collar up too much is ill-advised, but it’s the perfect choice for a summer date or a casual work environment.

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The actual collar with this style is a widespread, which is a clear step forward from the standard forward point collar but less dramatic than the cut away. But the real star of this style is the two buttons stacked vertically at the throat. This collar can be worn either with or without a tie, buttoned all the way to the top or left open. The buttons you choose will distinguish this style and show a close attention to clean, unique details.

This is another collar where the buttons stand out. A great choice for casual occasions or to show off a more relaxed but still professional style in the business world, the rounded corners of this collar show a desire to break with convention and do things a bit differently.

The epitome of sharp, powerful style, perhaps no collar is more commanding than the pinhole. A dressier version of the well-known tab collar, pinhole collar shirts use a bar to connect the two collar points. This style of collar is almost always worn with a tie, and we recommend choosing one that is bold and dapper enough to deserve the place of honor it will hold over the bar. This style should be reserved for important meetings and big occasions — this collar doesn’t mess around.

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