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Dress To Impress: The Difference Between Prom Suits, Tuxedos, And Blazers

Prom is a big day for budding youths all across America. It comes at a time when transitioning into adulthood is heralded by a huge celebration of peers. When it comes to choosing the right thing to wear, whether you’re male or female, the general consensus is go big or go home. Take it one step further by going straight colossal with a prom suit, tux, or blazer that’s made to stand out. Not sure how to do that? We got you covered.

Prom Suits

Prom suits are, by definition, suits made specifically for prom. They offer a modern take on the regular suits you may wear to church or a wedding. That’s because prom suits tend to be a bit more customizable, which is perfect for a day where everyone is trying to outdo one another. A great way to complement prom suits are made-to-measure men’s dress shirts. Personalize your look even further by choosing the color, cut, collar style, cuff length and pretty much whatever else you want. Make the inner placket of your shirt match the color of your date’s dress or pocket square. Made to measure dress shirts give you control over exactly what you look like on the big day.


Tuxedos are the epitome of formal wear. They differ from prom suits in that they are usually accented in satin. You’ve probably noticed this strip of satin on a tux’s lapels, buttons, and the side of the pants. Going full on tuxedo is a classic choice that’s as classy as you want to make it. Like prom suits, they come in slim-fit, skinny, or tailored options, so the cut of your jib is really up to you. To keep with the perfect fit, you’re going to want to customize a couple of men’s dress shirts to see which you like best.


Unlike prom suits and tuxedos, blazers offer a laid-back option that can really help you stand out in a sea of over the top outfits. Pair a nicely cut blazer with slim fit chinos, roll them up, and go sockless. Or perhaps you’d rather throw on a maroon velvet number with a white dress shirt and checkered slacks. Either way, as long as you’re in a well-fitting ensemble you’ll be ahead of the curve.

Look, we all know that whatever you decide to wear will be #litaf. But why not add a bit of your own personal style to the mix? A customizable made to measure men’s dress shirt designed by you can do exactly that.