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Top 3 Benefits Of Wearing Customized Shirts

No one wants to leave the house looking like a sloppy mess. Unfortunately, doing so is easier said than prevented. Most men don’t even realize that their pants are too long or that their shirts are too baggy. Here’s an easy way to tell if you fall into this category: the end of day check. Of course, you look good in the morning. Everything is tucked in and folded exactly where it needs to be. But how are you faring come end of the day? Are you feeling a little unkempt? Those trips past mirrored windows and polished steel making you a little less confident with each pass? Then you’ve got a problem. Loose fitting clothes are fine for certain occasions, but they should never cross the boundary into men’s dress shirts. Customized shirts help to keep you looking good all day long by taking your body measurements into account. This provides a few key characteristics you just don’t get with off the rack options.

If the shirt fits, wear it

Men’s dress shirts that come off the rack are fickle things. They can look great in store but go poorly with the pants, shoes, or tie you had planned to pair them with. There is no way to synergize off the rack gear with every piece you have in your wardrobe and that can make for a frustrating experience. Custom made shirts have a tendency to fit better because they’re tailor made for your body. This means they won’t be too long for the slim fit pants or have a collar too wide for the dressed down look you’re keen on. Bottom line: customized shirts are future proof barring any major changes to your physique.

Make your own shirt using high-quality materials

When you make your own shirt, you get exactly what you want. Not just by way of design – which we will discuss in a bit – but in terms of high-quality fabrics too. Choose the thickness of your shirt and plan for the weather in which you will likely be using it. Create your perfect summer shirt by using breathable fabrics such as cotton or stay warm in colder climates by going with a heavier blend. But don’t confuse the density of a shirt with its thread count. If you use bedsheets, and we sincerely hope that you do, then there is a good chance you’re familiar with the concept of thread count. Unlike bedsheets, however, men’s dress shirts apply the meaning to encompass the size of the thread, not the count per square inch. The higher the number, the finer the thread and softer the fabric.

Custom made shirts highlight your personal style

What’s better than a customized shirt tailor-made to fit your body? A customized shirt that you designed. Let’s be honest. A good fit only goes so far. Sure, you’ll look great, but putting a unique spin on things will make sure you feel great too. Round your collar, square your cuffs or pick the perfect pleat to fit your style. Add a splash of color to the inner placket or drop a monogram on the pocket. There is literally no wrong way to express yourself and, at Original Stitch, we wouldn’t have it any other way.