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The 3 Most Common Body Types For Men and How To Dress Them


There’s a social media trend. I’m sure you’ve seen it. Some kid in his or her twenties films themselves doing some arbitrary feat steeped in mediocrity and then proclaims they are built different. The video itself may be cringe worthy, but to be quite honest they’re right. No two bodies are the same. We are all built different. When it comes to clothing choices, however, there are some commonalities that pertain to body type. These commonalities allow for a foundational understanding of not what looks best, but what looks best on you. So, let’s go over a few of the most common body types and discuss a few dress shirt styling options that work with each.


Most men tend to fall into this category as the years go on. The triangle body shape happens when the waist and hips are larger – more rotund – than the upper torso and chest. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, it happens to the best (and rest) of us. This presents a challenge because spoiler alert: most dress shirts are designed to be the opposite. So, if shirts are made trimmer at the waist and broader at the chest, what can you do? Firstly, you can order custom made dress shirts fit specifically to your measurements. Secondly, you could go with striped patterns. Vertical stripes have an elongating effect. Horizontal stripes bring everything into proportion but should only be used if the stripes cover the chest as well. Basically, any pattern across the chest will help to broaden the area.


The inverted triangle body type consists of a very well-developed upper torso and chest atop a slender waist. Slim fit or fitted dress shirts work best with these bodies, especially when buying off the rack. But be sure to size up. When ordering custom made, allot for .5” to 1” space. The reason for this is that you want to hint at the possibility of a shapely figure, not scream it from the rooftop in an ill-fitting shirt. Horizontal stripes will do for your waist what they do for the triangle shape’s chest, so don’t be afraid to give them a go. When it comes to t-shirts your best bet will be a slim fitting cotton and spandex (or any material with a little stretch). This way, you can show off your upper torso without accentuating your tiny, tiny, waist. Unless that’s the goal, of course.



The oval body type is when the center torso extends wider than the hips and upper body. Most would expect for men sporting this body type to try the vertical stripe trick, but don’t bother. Instead opt for framing garments. Accoutrements like suspenders and widespread collars. Dark, neutral colors are king. Stay away from patterns and clutter that draw the eye, but if you do want to wear patterns – because life isn’t one long monotonous shade of boring – then keep it to a minimum. Use visual texture as an accent, not to peacock.


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