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The 6 Best Warm Weather Dress Shirts for Spring and Summer

Spring is upon us, and summer is just around the corner. Make sure your wardrobe is ready to handle the changing seasons with these 6 best warm weather dress shirts. We’ve gone through our inventory and rounded up the most breathable, moisture wicking, dress shirt fabrics and compiled our favorites into one handy dandy list.

Blue Picnic Plaid

Say hello to summer style in this ultra-lightweight Blue Picnic Plaid dress shirt fabric. It’s constructed using a loose-knit weave that promotes airflow, allowing it to breathe easy even when the weather is stifling. Use Blue Picnic Plaid under a suit or pair it with your favorite slacks. Either way, you’ll look and feel great all day long.

Black Dobby Ox Jersey

Get back to basics with this Black Dobby Ox Jersey fabric. It is a performance cloth with dreams of being a dress shirt. It’s constructed using a supple jersey weave combined with a mid-weight thread count to produce a breathable cloth that stretches to meet your mobility needs. Use Black Dobby Ox Jersey to create an office-ready shirt with an athletic side.

Denim Tan and Brown Rancher

This Denim Tan and Brown Rancher fabric is what you wear when you want that big belt buckle feeling without actually committing to the novelty of one. It is constructed using a predominantly denim-like blue with strips of tan and brown. While the shirt itself is a durable wear, it is also super soft, taking it from ranch hand to office attire quite nicely. The Denim Tan and Brown Rancher is a mid-weight cloth made 100% from cotton, so not only does it absorb and dissipate moisture like sweat, it keeps the airflow moving so that you stay cool and refreshed all day long.

Grey Detailed Houndstooth

Unleash the uniqueness of your wardrobe with this Grey Detailed Houndstooth fabric. It is so much more than meets the eye. Sure, the distinct houndstooth pattern is an eye-catching affair that fits in anywhere, but the true beauty of this cloth lies in its construction. It is made to be ultra-lightweight, super soft, and extremely durable. That means you get a great looking shirt that breathes well and hangs with enough weight to combat unsightly bunching and creeping wrinkles.

Geometric Print

Wake up your fashion senses with this eye-catching CANCLINI Geometric Print fabric. It takes a stylish approach to office attire. The supple broadcloth weave is further strengthened using a mid-weight 80s 2-ply thread count, but it's the robin's egg blue on a sea of chocolate brown that really draws the eye in and holds it there. Use Geometric Print under a navy-blue suit for a simple, yet highly effective, modernized look. Take things a step further with a paisley patterned tie if you're feeling bold. Warm weather won’t be an issue in this fetching, breathable, 100% cotton cloth.

Cool Max Chambray Sax Poplin

Design the perfect dress shirt for warm weather with this Cool Max Chambray Sax Poplin fabric. Not only is it an appealing smokey blue color, but it's lightweight and breathable too. The "cool max" in Cool Max Chambray Sax Poplin means moisture-wicking technology. Say goodbye to puddles of sweat and unsightly wet spots. This cloth beats the heat without sacrificing style and can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Give it short-sleeves, a button-down collar, and a breast pocket for a stylish warm-weather piece.

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