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The Best Men’s Winter Fashion: A 2020 Style Guide

The Best Men’s Winter Fashion: A 2020 Style Guide

Winter is coming. And with it an influx of men’s winter fashion opportunities. We’d like to introduce you to some of our favorite men’s fashion Instagram accounts that take casual outfits for men and give them a cold-weather makeover. Keep calm and stay warm this winter. Our 2020 style guide for the best men’s winter fashion will show you how.

#1. Use colors to contrast the drab greys of winter weather

What we love most about this winter fashion style choice is the dark blue suit contrasted by the bright orange peacoat. On paper, these colors read as they should clash but Brian – @Bchanism for those who want to follow suit – clearly knows the rules of color theory. What he invokes here is a classic complementary color scheme that offers high impact contrast that makes each piece sing to their strengths. 

Brian also employs the same technique with his Original Stitch custom-fit shirt and tie pairing, opting for a lighter blue pinstripe motif to complement the deep richness of red. Now, here is where things get interesting. Red, blue (and green for this example) are evenly spaced on the color wheel. We call these triadic colors. Triadic colors offer another vibrant contrast opportunity, and Brian has used this knowledge to pull his entire outfit together in a casual style that plays anything but. Nice work, Brian. 


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#2. Men’s winter fashion is all about layers

And layers are what Vince Lee – a.k.a @MrVstyle – is all about. His outfit is one that positively identifies the key to layering up. I.e, it’s all in the fit. Vince starts this process with a custom-fit dress shirt complete with monogrammed cuffs, adds a slimming checkered vest, and tops off the torso with a maroon overcoat. With all of that going on up top, Vince decides to simplify the bottom half of this casual style by using black as an anchor. Notice the classic newsboy cap paired with modern aviator sunglasses.

Now, step back and take this men’s outfit as a whole. What Vince has done here is skillfully blend a few staples of men’s fashion styles. His vest and cap are reminiscent of garb worn by New York paperboys in the early 1920s while the overcoat, custom-tailored shirt, and jeans bring this winter fashion squarely into the 2020s.


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#3. Brown is for fall, but works for winter fashion too

Who doesn’t love the warm embrace of earth tones when the weather starts to dip? If brown is your thing, then let Owen Cain – @Iamowencain – be your guide. His page is filled with sultry, fall colors properly pivoted to give winter fashion a run for its money. What he has done here is keep it very casual by using a monochromatic color scheme to accent his pinstripe custom fit shirt. The monotony of dark chocolate is broken up with a sweet caramel leather jacket strategically placed to draw the eye. At the same time, his patterned newsboy cap is the perfect juxtaposition to the thin stripes adorning his shirt. What looks like a simple ensemble is accented by Owen’s experienced use of textures. Be like Owen. Build a winter outfit that has fond memories of fall.


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#4. When in doubt, go the classic route

Not everyone wants to rely on flashy colors or memorize the color wheel to put together a winter wardrobe. That’s where Mohammed Al Nazal – @mohammedalnazal – comes in to play. His men’s winter fashion style can best be described as classic with a splash of modernization. Take this winter outfit, for example. It’s got clean lines, very few colors, and almost no bells and whistles. Yet it works. What Mohammed has done with this elegant look is start with a striped custom fit dress shirt and add a big round collar to give it a bit of personality. He then pairs the blue and white dress shirt with a classic navy suit and tops the whole thing off with a long grey overcoat. The colors are subdued, which makes the entire outfit feel effortless, but the combination of rounded collar and red tie add just the right amount of confidence boosting appeal.


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