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The Best Color Choices for each Season


Ok, let’s not mince words here – most of us spent 2020 in sweatpants. This is not a judgement on your style choices, it is a fact of life. But the times, they’re a changing. Shops are re-opening, parks are reinstalling their sporting equipment, and travel is back on the menu, boys and girls. Who isn’t currently looking for ways to get off the couch and put their fashion foot forward? To mix things up, feel fresh, dress to impress? We’re here to help. So, without further ado, here are the best seasonal colors to shake off the drab of 2020 and get you – and your wardrobe – feeling fun and adventurous all 2021 long. 


Winter colors are cool and dark. Blacks and greys and steely blues. Because winter colors tend to be more subdued, they make for great monochrome looks. They also pair really well with one another. So, for instance, let’s say you’re eyeing an all-grey suit, with grey accessories, shoes, socks – the whole nine. Not only will the outfit look amazing but adding a black dress shirt to the mix will help both colors pop that much more. That’s it. Those two simple steps – identifying winter tones and pairing them – do wonders to create clean silhouettes many fashion designers use on a daily basis.

This look smolders. The color choices aren’t so bad either.



Spring is very likely our favorite season. Of course, there are big fashion shows and rules that determine which colors are the spring colors for any given year, but we say nuts to all that. If there is one time of the year where EVERY color looks amazing, it’s spring. We can’t tell you how or why, but they just do. Probably because after the winter greys roll out we, as a society, are ready to liven up our color palettes. Either way, go with your gut. Always wanted to try lime-green chinos? Now’s the time! Been a fan of pastels since your first Easter? Tis the season to explore your color options.

Or maybe you think you’re better than the Queen of England?



Summer is for warm colors, but that wasn’t always the case. As recently as a few years ago, summer was thought to be neutral color territory. You’ve no doubt heard someone or another tout how white keeps you cooler because it reflects light/heat yadda yadda yadda. Honestly, they’re not wrong, but with the advent of moisture wicking properties, thread blends that breathe, and a slew of other upgrades to the fashion industry, color is not as prevalent a concern as it once was. That being said, we’re putting our money on Ron Burgundy burgundy, sage green, and pastel purple. The former being able to go from spring to summer with ease. Because these tones are so rich, we’d recommend using them as accents at first. Pair them with those neutrals like beige, white, khaki, and olive green. Also, pink is totally in this summer.

Maybe pair it with some blue suede shoes? 


Fall is by far the easiest season to color coordinate with. We all know the hits, right? Brown, green, maroon – all the colors of fallen foliage. But if you’re looking to stand out a bit, try some adjacent leaning colors. Like, instead of maroon, opt for a nice, warm, burnt orange. It serves the same purpose as maroon, works well as a top or bottoms, and when utilized as an accent color, easily becomes a year-round wearer that will fit in during any season.

Orange you glad we didn’t say banana yellow?



The Pantones Color of the Year for 2021 are Ultimate Grey and Illuminating (yellow). Two colors that we agree can pair quite well together or separately.

Go ahead and slay, King


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