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The Pros and Cons of Buying Tailor Made vs. Off The Rack


One of the biggest advantages of shopping tailor made dress shirts is the aesthetic. They’re not one-size-fits-all because fashion doesn’t work that way. Every body is different. Five people who visit a department store to purchase the same dress shirt, all in the same size, will more than likely find that it works better, and in some cases worse, than it does for the others. Here are a few pros and cons for why buying made to measure beats going the off the rack.

The Pros

#1. Tailor Made Dress Shirts Fit Better

It’s that simple. It doesn’t matter if you normally shop the big and tall section, or frequently find the perfect style only to discover your size (I’m looking at you, mediums) cleaned out. A tailor made dress shirt remedies that by using your exact specifications to craft the perfect garment for your size and shape.

#2. Combination Keeps Your Wardrobe Fashionable

Picture it, you’ve got a big social function coming up. An office party, or perhaps, a swanky dinner party with the in-laws. The last thing you want is to show up wearing the same thing as your boss. With a myriad of color choices for the cuff, collar, inner placket, button, and pattern options to choose from, the chances of that happening are virtually slim fit to none. Mix and match patterns, remove a breast pocket, or add a band collar – the choice is 100% yours and yours alone.

#3. Customization Keeps it Functional

Not only can you customize the fit of your shirt, but also its overall function. Not every classic white dress shirt is created equal. Some come in a low thread count and breathable weaves perfect for warm weather. Others, with the heft to combat a chilly winter’s eve. Some fabrics may catch the light and offer an invigorating shimmer, while others boast wrinkle resistance. The point is if you can dream it, a tailor can build it. That fact alone will give your wardrobe a distinctive feel that is uniquely your own.


The Cons

#1. Time Constraints

This can be a deterrent for some as tailor made garments usually take a little more time to procure than going into a big box store and choosing something off the rack. There is no trick or work around to avoiding this, however, proper planning can help. Of course, if you’re looking for a specific piece to wear on the weekend and you’re well into Thursday, tailor made is probably not going to be your best bet. Plan accordingly though, and there will never be an event where you can’t put your best foot forward.

#2. Price

Typically, tailor made shirts are a bit pricier up front, but the cost of a custom-made dress shirt versus an off the rack number comes down to years of use. Sure, you can pay $25.00 for a one wear affair, but what happens when you need another down the line? And then another. Tailor-made gear is generally much better constructed, so while no shirt is forever, custom-mades are darn close.

#3. Too Difficult to Measure Yourself

Ok, sure. While measuring yourself can be a daunting task for those out of the loop, it only takes a few minutes to learn. Once you’ve armed yourself with the knowledge, taking your own measurements is an easy feat. Here, we’ve even put together a video guide to make sure you measure correctly the first time, every time.

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