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Top Professional Fall Fashion Trends For Men in 2022


Summer is coming to a close, and with its end comes the need for more cool weather clothing options. Not to worry. We’ve got you covered with the top professional fall fashion trends for men in 2022.

Quilted Jacket

Quilted jackets are to fall what puffer coats are to winter. They’re fashionable, functional, and can work with myriad styles. How heavy the one you choose should correspond to the season. Mild falls should be met with light to medium weight quilted jackets. Colder weather is reserved for hefty renditions. Whatever weight class you decide on will do wonders to smarten up your look regardless of implementation.

Oxford Cloth Button Up

The button up dress shirt is classic style. But what is the difference between an Oxford shirt and a standard dress shirt? Well, an Oxford dress shirt typically has a stiffer collar and usually comes as a button down. It is a happy medium between the sheen of more formal dress shirts and the boxy, basket-weave pattern of casual dress shirts. Keep the comfort of the casual weave with the professional look of a short point (or cutaway or rounded) collar by simply opting for an Oxford button up variant – like our Pink, White, or Grey Dobby Oxfords – to round out your Fall weather fashion.

Wool Pants

Wool and wool blend pants – like our Medium Grey Blended Wool slack fabric – are great for weather patterns that change periodically. Thicker wool retains body heat while lightweight weaves have the ability to breathe in the breeze. Wool also pulls moisture away from the body while repelling light snow and rain. Did we mention wool also resists wrinkles? The practical benefits of wool aside, pants made from the textile just look snazzy and allows for visual texture to be added to any ensemble.

Cap Toes, Monk Straps and Brogues

There are many shoe options coming in strong for Fall of 2022, but our three favorites are listed here. They are cap toes, monk straps, and brogues. What we love about the cap toe is its sheer versatility. They can often be worn with dress slacks, chinos, or even a nice denim. Monk straps add a bit of flare to liven up your wardrobe, and brogues bring with them regal style points that can be enjoyed in the office or in more formal settings.

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