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Unique Collar Styles and How to use them


Ask Our Stylist: Unique Collar Styles and How to Use Them

Menswear, especially where dress shirts are concerned, offers a myriad of variations for the fashionably inclined. From the cut, the fit, the cuffs and up to the collar, designing your perfect dress shirt with Original Stitch is as easy as knowing what you want. Our design tools allow users the opportunity to mix and match styles to create looks that stand out, blend in, or simply boost confidence. 

Take our unique collar styles, for instance. Here are the first four that should be on your radar.

  • The Stand Collar – An oft-overlooked, but super versatile, style that has its roots in Chinese culture. The stand collar can be surprisingly clean cut when styled to be. Best bet – go with no breast pocket and flat bottom hem for a long, lean, look. Long sleeves can be hiked up the forearms just a tad while short sleeves can be cuffed to add vintage appeal.  
  • The Round Button-Down Collar – A variant of the standard club collar. The round button-down may initially register as a bit off-putting due to the curved points, but don’t think about that too hard. All you need to know is that the round button-down looks great undone at the neck. Sure, it can pull off a skinny tie and add a bit of British flair to your ensemble like nobody’s business, but the open collar under a slim fit blazer lets just the right amount of air out of any formal attire. 
  • The Spread Collar – The spread collar is considered the default collar in European business wear. It looks like the regular collars you’re used to seeing on standard dress shirts, but it features a 5” to 6” spread from point to point. This extra space accommodates ties of a heavier material like cashmere and wool. 
  • The Cutaway Collar – This collar style is a rendition of the spread collar. The biggest difference here is that it goes wide – more than 6” from point to point – and can run as a straight line across the neck. The key to a collar this aggressive is to be bold when accessorizing. A large tie knot, like the Balthus knot, comes in handy here. 

When it’s all said and done, your style is unique to you. But if you’re looking to add a little something extra, then choosing a distinct collar style is about as easy a leap as you can make. And with this unique collar guide, you’ll have a leg up on how to pull them off effortlessly.

At Original Stitch, we offer a fully customizable collection (yes, even the collar type!) of premium quality shirts. Customers can create a shirt completely unique to them. Our high-quality yarns are hand-selected from and tailored in Japan to be extra resistant to wear and tear while maintaining a softer feel than regular button-up shirts.