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What do classy men wear on the Fourth of July?

What do classy men wear on the Fourth of July?

The 4th of July presents a unique opportunity to celebrate America’s independence by recreating the rocket’s red glare in between mouthfuls of beer and barbecue chicken. We know what you’re thinking, with all those fireworks going off and creating dazzling displays in the sky, who’s going to be looking at me? That line of thinking isn’t a good enough reason to just throw on your most ratty pair of cargo shorts and a red, white, and blue tank top to head out. A little effort can go a long way towards putting your best foot forward, and we’re going to help you get there. All you need is a bit of inspiration, and that’s exactly what we’re here to give.

The Cotton Dress Shirt

Cotton breathes easy. Be like cotton and take a deep breath. No need to fret over what to wear to that 4th of July party you were invited to. Just keep it casual. Business casual, that is. Will there be other people there in graphic tees and jeans, probably. Will they make a great first impression from half way across the room? Not likely. But that’s ok, because socializing is not a competition. If it was, the man in the nice fitting dress shirt surely has an edge.

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The Sport Coat

An easy way to spruce up any outfit is with a sports coat. Don’t let the fact that you’re celebrating a national holiday notorious for board shorts and flip flops throw you off your game. Pick up a sport coat instead. There are plenty to go around this time of year. Find one that suits you and walk into the party with an air of confidence that could rival even the brightest firework finale.

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The Trendy Trouser

A good pair of pants isn’t always the best pair of pants for every occasion. Take into account the setting in which you will be spending the brunt of your 4th of July celebration. Will you be outdoors or indoors? Will the available activities be easy going and relaxed a la listening to music and enjoying a beer, or will there be a bit more vigor to them? These are all important factors to consider when choosing the right kind of pants to maximize your comfort without diminishing returns on your carefully crafted outfit. When in doubt, go Chambray linen. They can do sporty, casual, and everything in between with the right guidance.

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