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Winter Looks for 2022


It’s that time of year again. You’ve seen the hashtags - #NewYearResolution, #NewYearWhoDis, #NewYearNewYou. So, why not say hello to 2022 in style? We’ve put together some of our favorite emerging trends going into the new year so you can do just that. Without further ado, here are our favorite winter looks for 2022.

The Trench and Turtle Neck Combo

Trench coats have become a staple in men’s winter fashion, but gone are the days of only wearing them with suits or traditional office attire. What we love about the turtleneck and trench coat look is that it is absolutely work week ready. Just add a pair of your favorite slacks and dress shoes.

The Puffer Coat and Jogger Combo

The Puffer Coat and Jogger combo is a great winter athleisure starter pack. It’s a super comfortable laid-back style that works best for leisure activity. Bonus points for making great travel attire that easily maneuvers through check points and various other airport security.

The Knitted Vest is back

The knitted vest has been around for a long time. It faded out of the collective minds of us all for a long time, but they’re making a pretty splashy comeback now. We love this look because it can be used to dress up or down myriad styles. And it works in warmer climates. Is the throwbackiness of knitted vests pique your interest, try pairing it with a bucket hat. Bucket Hat > Dad Cap 2022.

The Athleisure Trench, Jogger, and Hoodie Combo

The Trench coat and jogger/hoodie combo is the relaxed version of the Trench and turtleneck. Depending on your industry, either can work as office attire, but the Trench and jogger/hoodie combo goes one step further to double as casual gear you can wear almost anywhere.


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