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Jin-Koh, founder and CEO of Original Stitch, shaking hands with World President (left)


Original Stitch is pleased to announce, WORLD, a leading Japanese Apparel Company, has become an important shareholder for our company, acquiring a 60% stake.

The goal of this partnership is to strengthen both the customer experience and future of Original Stitch by benefiting from the know-how of WORLD in terms of production, design, pattern technology, and logistics. Thanks to this opportunity, Original Stitch is going to boost its growth upward and create new value for its customers.

“People asked me why WORLD? I believe when you combine vision, talents, and capital, any dreams can come true. WORLD has an enormous apparel platform, the most forward thinking and brilliant people I have met in fashion and tech.” explained Jin Koh, Founder, and CEO of Original Stitch.

Original Stitch is excited to partner with WORLD to increase it's presence as a major contributor to full-blown apparel customization while growing stronger for our customers.