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Personal style is exactly that: personal. But when it comes to men’s apparel, there seems to be a universal fashion sense floating around the ether that we all share. That is the reason why magazines like GQ, Elle, and Esquire appeal to such a wide variety of people. The colors may change with the seasons, but the core concept of men’s fashion is basically a few items that go well with whatever the occasion calls for. This list of 6 wardrobe essentials every modern man should have is just the tip of the iceberg, but if the Titanic’s maiden voyage has taught us anything, it’s that sometimes the tip is all you need to make a big splash.

Men’s fashion staple #1: The Button-down Oxford Shirt

The men’s button-down Oxford is synonymous with classic style. It’s versatile, comfortable, and understands the modern mantra of work-life balance. A good arsenal of oxfords will future proof your wardrobe because they go with everything. Seriously. If ever you’re in doubt about what to wear, building around this shirt is a good place to start.

Men’s fashion staple #2: The White Dress Shirt

When it comes to wardrobe essentials, nothing quite compares to the confidence boost provided by the well-fitting white dress shirt. They absolutely shine when paired with formal occasions but removing the tie and unbuttoning the collar can take you from “we are gathered here today,” to “we came to party,” at the drop of a beat. Fit is key, so make sure to show off your best assets with a customized dress shirt tailor made to flatter.

Men’s fashion staple #3: The Milanese Strap Watch

Smart watches may be all the rage now but don’t let the hype sway you from adding a few timeless pieces to your collection. The Milanese strap watch is one of those pieces. It does warrant a mention that there are a few smart watches made to take a Milanese strap, so if that’s your poison you can still kill it with a classic cool vibe.

Men’s fashion staple #4: The Single-breasted Notch Lapel Suit

A good suit is likely the epitome of wardrobe essentials. You may not wear it daily, but when the time comes to impress potential employers (link to how to dress for interview here), meet the in-laws, or attend your best friend’s wedding, you’ll be glad to have one. Going notch over peak lapel is a stylistic choice, but the latter tends to fall into a more formal category, while the former can fit in most anywhere that a peak lapel can.

Men’s fashion staple #5: The Black Dress Shoe

Sounds boring, right? Wrong. The best way to dress up a dressed down look is to accent it with a pair of black shoes that have a bit of personality. For this, you want to go with a thick sole and unique top. Something with an embossed cap toe should do well to stand out.

Men’s fashion staple #6: Clubmasters

Granted, this is one of the few debatable wardrobe essentials on the list, but we’d be remiss to leave eyewear out of the loop. Shades may not be for everyone, but if you’re the kind of guy who likes to look good while seeing well in bright sunlight, then Clubmasters are for you. They transition well from work day wear to weekend warrior status and won’t break a sweat doing it. But please, despite the name, don’t even think of wearing these sunglasses at night.



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