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What To Pack For a Weekend Getaway



Whether that means hitting the beach, barbecuing with friends, or picnics in the park, you’re going to need to dress the part. Anybody can look good following the latest trends, but can you feel good doing it? We are what we wear, and being a sticky, sweaty, pile of discomfort is an easy way to ruin any sun-soaked day, so we’ve put together a list of threads you’ll want in your carry-on to make sure yours can stand the heat.

Under the (Hot) weather, wearing the wrong type of clothing – i.e. fabrics that don’t breathe, bunch up, or trap heat – will take its toll on a warm day. So, know the basics.

If you can, stick to fabrics like:

Chambray Linen – This is a lightweight blend that hangs loose and breathes as hard as your sigh of relief after a week of non-stop business attire. If you’re planning a sun heavy Memorial Day, then treat this as your Visa card of options: don’t leave home without it. Cotton – Cotton can be an all-season affair. The trick here, however, is to know the thickness of your gear. Is it meme thicc? If so, you’re going to have a bad time. Thin blends, like these made-to measure variations, not only thrive in sticky heat, they look good doing it.
Rayon Blends – This is where your sportswear and summer dresses come in to play. Rayon is a cotton blend that consists of very thin, breathable fibers made to wick away moisture. This is a fabric that benefits any activity where perspiration is likely to toss a wet blanket, or soggy outfit, on your good time. 

Even at the height of noon a light jacket could be required. Here are some options to consider should you find yourself in this boat:

Polyester or Nylon – These flexible fabrics are the perfect go-between for weather that does the same. They’re not as breathable as chambray or cotton, per se, but they more than make up for that inadequacy by being quick on the dry. That means your body’s natural defense against rising temperatures – i.e. sweat – can do its job without turning you into a shivering mess when the sun goes down.
Cotton – Yes. Again. As we mentioned above, the rule here is thickness. Too thin and that pleasant chill in the air that becomes a noticeable breeze will have you quoting stupid, sexy, Flanders.
Merino Wool – Let’s face it, what we want most of all on Memorial Day is plenty of sunshine. Very seldom do we plan for the evenings that come along with those clear blue skies and brisk breeze.

"Don’t fall victim to this trend. A good rule of thumb is jacket always."

Merino wool is as good as you’re going to get for stylish options that function well during both warm days and cool nights.