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Accurate body measurements in 15 seconds or less.

Your custom fit has never been more accurate using Bodygram’s new advanced body measurement technology, now included in the product creation experience ON YOUR MOBILE DEVICE

"Bodygram is available on mobile devices only"

Why use Bodygram with Original Stitch?

Taking body measurements and sizes by hand is cumbersome and time-consuming. It is also inexact and requires close contact. With Bodygram’s advanced technology, you can measure your body automatically without physical contact in a matter of seconds. Once scanned, your user profile’s measurements are created and saved, making ordering from Original Stich easier and more accurate than ever before. We guarantee it.


Bodygram is the most accurate technology for obtaining your body measurements and composition without special equipment.

Easy to use

You can wear everyday clothes, step into any background easily take all measurements yourself. There's no need for an expert or an extra pair of hands!


Bodygram is built around the highest standards for Privacy and Data Security.

Measure your body in just 15 seconds

Bodygram is a user-friendly body measurement application. Simply take two photos, one from the front and one from the side, and enter basic information to obtain an accurate full-body measurement. The photos can be taken by yourself with our Selfie Mode and taken anywhere, including outdoors or indoors and against complicated backgrounds. Once you’ve created your custom product in the Original Stitch builder, you will have the option to imput your measurements using Bodygram.

Accurate results in just 3 steps


Front Photo


Side Photo


Receive Results

Perfect fit guaranteed

We guarantee a perfect fit, but If you’re not 100% satisfied with the sizing of your order, you may return it for a complimentary remake.

Your data is Safe and secure

Bodygram has a user-centered design that allows each individual to control their information, allowing them to choose and manage how their data is shared.

How can we help you?

If you need any further information regarding the use of Bodygram with Original Stitch, please contact customer support.

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