Relive Your Fondest Memories

Remember all those days spent memorizing the names of the original 151 Pokémon? After so many years, it may all seem like a distant, fond memory, but those Pokémon have actually been closer to you than you think. And now, there’s a great way to have a reunion with your favorite Pokémon in style. Do you want to go subtle and stylish, or stand out from the crowd? It’s all up to you! 

 Pokémon has teamed up with the custom shirt provider Original Stitch to create the Pokémon Shirts, a custom shirt ordering service that lets you combine fabric designed after 151 Pokémon. Make it subtle. Make it flamboyant. Choose from a multitude of dazzling combinations. And because it’s all done online, you can spend as much time as you want thinking of the best combination, no matter where you are. Continue that adventure you started all those years ago with your very own Pokémon Shirt. You’ll realize that the magic you felt in your childhood has in fact never faded away.